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aachenThe University Hospital Aachen (UKA) combines in its singularity all mechanisms of supplying the patient, the entire medical faculty and the dentistry under one roof. In this enormous building is a place for the common research of engineers, scientists and physicians. At the moment co-operate 59 professors, 824 scientific assistants and 4347 non-scientific employees in 33 clinical departments, 21 institutes and in the administration of the UKA. The University Hospital has 1.510 beds.

catharina-ziekenhuisThe Catharina Hospital Eindhoven is a topclinical general hospital with 696 beds, 185 medical staff and 3250 other personell. The Hospital is also a large teaching hospital (112 residents). The Radiotherapy Department performs 3800 treatments per year for a region in the south of the Netherlands with 1 million inhabitants.


liegeCHU Liège

locLimburgs Oncologisch Centrum (LOC vzw)

maastroMaastricht Radiation Oncology


unimaasMaastricht University