We aim to greatly improve Cancer treatment and research by using a new internationally advanced computer network for clinical research and decision supporting software.

Starting September 2010 nine organisations are collaborating on the ambitious Euregional Computer Assisted Theragnostics project (EuroCAT) in the Meuse-Rhine region (The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany). As a result physicians will be able to dramatically improve the quality of treatment each individual cancer patient receives as well as the speed and quality of clinical research. This is possible by using software that skilfully mines the data and treatment results in a new international patient database and predicts treatment outcomes for each new patient. This international advanced computer network will rapidly identify patients for clinical trials and automate many of the standard processes.

The goal of the project is two fold: a) to develop a shared database of medical characteristics in cancer patients, tumours and treatments. Copying data from existing databases and linking them together on a larger scale will greatly improve the ability to learn and predict the outcome of individual treatments within the next three years. And b) find patients for trials and decrease and speed up the administration and analysis around clinical trials. The project is made possible through extensive, cross-border cooperation among the parties involved in addition to a sizeable European Interreg grant from Interreg IV-a.